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How Do the Chimspectors Help You When You Need Chimney Repair?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

How Do the Chimspectors Help You When You Need Chimney Repair

Chimneys are vital home components. These structures enable homeowners to operate fireplaces and enjoy the warmth and comfort that fireplaces provide. However, if not properly maintained, chimneys could prove hazardous. At Chimspector, we provide chimney services to the residents of suburban Philadelphia and are professionals at identifying signs that chimney repair might be indicated.

Mortar Joint Cracks

The mortar joints are the material connecting the chimney's bricks. If you detect that there are any cracks, breakages or open spaces, consultation with a chimney repair service company is warranted. Unfortunately, this occurrence will happen in even the most well-maintained structures. Issues like age and weather will eventually take their toll on mortar materials.

If not promptly corrected, mortar damage could lead to the accumulation of excessive moisture. During winter, this wetness often freezes, which can exacerbate already existing cracks or expansions. Should this circumstance progress, catastrophic chimney collapse could ultimately result. You cannot always detect mortar abnormalities because these issues often appear on the structure's interior. Ergo, professional services are necessary to investigate this potentially serious problem.

Crown Damage

The crown sits atop the structure and protects its interior. Damage from weather phenomena, animal intrusion or melting caused by the heat produced by repeated usage can precipitate cracks or holes in said structure. Even slight anomalies can result in severe internal damage. That said, smaller protrusions might be fixed simply by resealing. However, more prominent damage often warrants total crown replacement.


Spalling occurs when a chimney's bricks become damaged. If you notice bricks become discolored, contain excessive moisture or are demonstrating outward signs of damage, such as cracks or crumbling, you are strongly urged to consult with a repair establishment. Moreover, these circumstances can also occur on the interior. These issues can only be discovered by a professional maintenance company.


Efflorescence is fancy terminology for a large white stain across the chimney's exterior. Professional maintenance entities caution that this is a surefire sign of excessive interior moisture buildup that, if not promptly addressed, could precipitate serious damage, in addition to the accumulation of potentially harmful substances like mold.

Damaged Flue Liner

Flue linger safeguards your chimney's interior from the excessive heat fires produce and help direct airflow upward, so fire remains in the fireplace. Damaged flue liner could quickly precipitate serious interior damage and should be remediated immediately.

Contacting Us

If you detect any of the preceding issues, we encourage you to contact us immediately, as we would be happy to provide you with chimney inspection in Bensalem, PA or anywhere throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. We employ a team of specially trained professionals that can perform a thorough examination of your structure, identify any underlying problems and formulate the most appropriate remediation effort. More information about our company and the services we perform by visiting

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