Chimney Repair in South Jersey

Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning in South Jersey

We are dedicated to providing the residents of South Jersey with the quickest and highest quality service to get our customers up and running in no time! At Chimspector we are happy to resolve any cleaning, inspection, and repair issues South Jersey residents are facing. 


Help for All of Your Chimney Needs


At Chimspector we are committed to keeping South Jersey residents up and running for every season. 

Our certified technicians are able to asses issues and provide solutions quickly to get your system back on track. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and efficient solution. 

We provide the following services to our valued customers:

  • Chimney Sweep

  • Video Inspection 

  • Heat Shield Treatment 

  • Stove & Inserts

  • Chimney Rebuilds 

  • Firebox Rebuilds

  • Liner Installs 

  • Tuckpointing

  • Crown Coat

Trust Our Chimney Cleaning and Repair Services

It might seem intimidating for you to think of the chimney cleaning project that you know should be completed in your NJ home. You might get nervous thinking about the fact that a chimney crown repair should probably be completed on your NJ home before you light your wood stove. We are here to come and do a chimney inspection for you, and we know how to complete a chimney crown repair and provide chimney cleaning work. You can trust us to handle the South Jersey chimney sweep needs that you have.

When you are looking for someone in South Jersey to complete a chimney inspection, you want them to be thorough in all that they look at. Our South Jersey chimney inspection team will look for issues that might require chimney repair work. We will figure out if you need to have a chimney liner installation or chimney crown repair job take place. We will figure out which type of chimney masonry repair work you might need to have done, and we will get chimney cleaning contractors to your South Jersey home.

When you hire someone to complete a chimney inspection or handle chimney cleaning work, you expect them to show up to handle your chimney project at a time that works for you. Our chimney cleaning team will come to your home when you are ready for us. Our chimney service will be offered to you at a time when you are not busy and at a time when you are okay having someone work on your home. You can trust us to complete chimney masonry repair work in timing that fits with your schedule and your needs.

You want a South Jersey chimney repair team to know how to fix every single issue that you feel might be wrong with your chimney. You want a chimney sweep to handle fireplace cleaning work in addition to chimney repair work. We are a South Jersey chimney service that can provide you with all kinds of help. We offer a chimney service that can help you safely warm up your home, and we will make sure that you receive good chimney liner installation and chimney repair services.

You know that the more passionate those running a chimney service are, the better the work that they will do. It is our passion to handle chimney sweep work. Whether we are concentrating on fireplace cleaning work or a chimney liner installation, we will put our all into what we are doing. We are the chimney sweep team that you should turn to if you have questions that you would like to have answered because we are always ready to give answers regarding chimneys and fireplaces. We enjoy talking about chimneys and fireplaces and helping people like you know how to take care of those that are a part of your home. We are the chimney sweep in Philadelphia company that you should turn to if you would like to be able to safely warm up your home because we care about the chimney work that we do, and we care about keeping you safe.

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