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Does My Chimney Really Need To Be Lined?

Yes! Your chimney should have some sort of liner application. Chimney liners may not seem important but they play a large role in ensuring your chimney system is fully operational and running as it should. Chimney liners help contain and/or vent the smoke, gas, and other byproducts that are created when using your fireplace and/or furnace.  In years past, terracotta clay flue tiles were very popular within the industry and at the time were fantastic options for lining chimney. Although terracotta clay tiles were once a great choice, they are more susceptible to deterioration. When those clay tiles begin to erode and weaken - that is when your chimney system will begin taking on unwanted stress and problems can begin to arise.

For instance, if your clay tile is cracked and split, the broken pieces of tile can fall into the fireplace damaging the firebox. The issues don't just stop with the falling debris. Those cracks within the flue are now allowing gases, smoke, and heat to enter the masonry structure surround the flue. These gases and extreme heat can weaken the chimney structure itself, potentially leading to chimney fires, chimney rebuilds (that can be quite costly!), and potential noxious fumes (such as carbon monoxide) coming back into the home.


Terracotta Flue Tiles


Stainless Steel Liner


Cracked Terracotta Flue Tiles

So What Can I Do? Can I Reline?

Yes! Fortunately with a little elbow grease from our skilled technicians, it is possible to replace those ugly terracotta clay tiles with a long-lasting stainless steel liner. Stainless steel liners are essentially a tube that slides down into the existing flue and connects the top of the chimney to the fireplace/stove/appliance/etc. 



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"Very knowledgeable service. Only did what was needed. Took pictures of every part of the job and showed them to me and explained what he saw. Gave a few suggestions and reviewed what I should do as an owner to keep up with the maintenance."


"Fantastic, honest service. Thorough and done properly. No shortcuts taken, and when dealing with protection and safety of your home that is all that matters."


"Warrington Fireplace came out today, Andrew was a wealth of knowledge. He was so helpful and honest. He was able to give me the best and worst case scenario. I’m excited to work with the team in the near future."

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