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Your #1 Local Chimney Sweep

Being a homeowner in the Northeast region of the country we often encounter cold temperatures and harsh conditions, especially during the Winter. In that case, you no doubt use your chimney and/or furnace system to heat your home. Regular use without maintenance can lead to problems, both small and large. The burning of wood will create a by-product known as Creosote, which is a toxic and flammable substance that can lead to the risk of a chimney fire.

Get ahead of the headaches by having a trained and skilled technician come out to your home for a thorough cleaning and inspection. A proper cleaning and inspection can help ensure your home and loved ones are in safe conditions.

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Thorough • Honest • Top Rated • Hassle Free

Is your fireplace safe to use? Looking for a way to heat the home when the power is out? Curious about what is in your dryer vent? We offer a variety of chimney sweep services including flue brushing, flue caps, repairs, and flue pics to keep your home safe and help you prepare for the unexpected.

  • Keep your home safe from chimney fires.

  • Efficiently heat your home with a properly running fireplace. 

  • Save money with preventative chimney maintenance. 

  • Keep your chimney critter-free.

  • Prevent bad smells in the summer.

Keep your home and family safe by following the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s recommendation to have your chimney inspected at least once a year. Unused chimneys often attract animals, their nests create fire hazards when you start a fire in the fireplace. Your wood burning stove makes your home more self-sufficient, but it needs to be serviced too. We do the condition checks, sweeping and we clean up the mess before we leave. Your home may need chimney repairs or we may be able to extend the life of the wood-burning system. We can even do a detailed video scan of the flue and identify potential problems.


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"Very knowledgeable service. Only did what was needed. Took pictures of every part of the job and showed them to me and explained what he saw. Gave a few suggestions and reviewed what I should do as an owner to keep up with the maintenance."


"Fantastic, honest service. Thorough and done properly. No shortcuts taken, and when dealing with protection and safety of your home that is all that matters."


"Warrington Fireplace came out today, Andrew was a wealth of knowledge. He was so helpful and honest. He was able to give me the best and worst case scenario. I’m excited to work with the team in the near future."

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