Chimney Services in Montgomery County, PA

Top Notch Chimney Sweeps & Repair in Lansdale, North Wales, Ambler & Jenkintown

We are dedicated to providing the residents of Montgomery County with the quickest and highest quality service to get our customers up and running in no time! At Chimspector we are happy to resolve any cleaning, inspection, and repair issues Montgomery County residents are facing. 


How We Help Montgomery County Residents 


At Chimspector We are committed to keeping Montgomery County residents up and running for every season. 

Our certified technicians are able to asses issues and provide solutions quickly to get your system back on track. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and efficient solution. 

We provide the following services to our valued customers:

  • Chimney Sweep

  • Video Inspection 

  • Heat Shield Treatment 

  • Stove & Inserts

  • Chimney Rebuilds 

  • Firebox Rebuilds

  • Liner Installs 

  • Tuckpointing

  • Crown Coat


We Proudly Service the Following Montgomery County Zip Codes:

ZIP CODES: 18041,18054, 18070, 18073, 18074, 18076, 18084, 18915, 18918, 19403, 19401, 19405, 19404, 18936, 19406, 19409, 19422, 19423, 19426, 18957, 19428, 18958, 19430, 19436, 19435, 19438, 19437, 18964, 18969, 19440, 19443, 18971, 19446, 19444, 19450, 19454, 18979, 19453, 19456, 19460, 19002, 19001, 19004, 19464, 19003, 19462, 19468, 19006, 19472, 19009, 19474, 19012, 19010, 19473, 19477, 19478, 19486, 19025, 19490, 19027, 19492, 19031, 19035, 19504, 19034, 19038, 19041, 19040, 19044, 19046, 19525, 19066, 19072, 19075, 19085, 19087, 19090, 19095, 19096

If you are having any kind of problem with your chimney in the Norristown, PA or Pottstown, PA area of Montgomery County, PA, or if you just want to get the chimney cleaning done, then contact us. We offer masonry repairs, chimney liners work, and all of the things that you need to have done around Ambler, PA, Jenkintown, and Collegeville, PA.

Choose the Right Chimney Sweep

When you are trying to choose a chimney sweep for the chimney cleaning that you need to have done, consider the work we do. We have worked as a chimney sweep for a while and know how to get the chimney cleaned well. We know that you want to light a fire without any issues, and we will do the chimney cleaning well to make sure that there are no issues for you.

Have Us Do Your Chimney Repairs

If you need a chimney service that does more than cleaning, then choose us. We will do your chimney inspection in the Ambler, PA and Collegeville, PA area and then take care of any chimney repairs that need to be done. Our chimney inspection is thorough, and we will not miss anything. We have experience with all kinds of chimney repairs, and our stucco contractors in Montgomery County, PA will take care of it all.

Get the Chimney Inspected Right Away

As soon as you notice that something is not right with your chimney in Pottstown, PA, Jenkintown or Lansdale, PA, have us perform a chimney inspection. Our chimney service is better than the others in Montgomery County, PA. We will do the chimney inspection to check the chimney liners and more and to let you know if there is any damage in it or if it needs to be cleaned.

Let Us Do All of the Repairs

Our chimney service can be trusted with your masonry repairs in Norristown, PA, Pottstown, PA, and Lansdale, PA. You can contact us for simple or more complicated chimney repairs and know we will do them well. Our chimney sweep service will impress you with the variety of work that we can do on the chimney. Our company is the Montgomery County, PA chimney service you can count on for every need.

Hire Us to Clean the Fireplace

Our fireplace cleaners in Montgomery County will impress you with how clean we will get the fireplace. If you live in or near Collegeville, PA, Norristown, PA, or Ambler, PA, then ask us to be your chimney sweep. We will work hard as your fireplace cleaners to make sure that everything that needs to be removed from it is gone and you are left with a great-looking and well-running fireplace.

Thorough & Affordable Chimney Inspections in Pottstown, Collegeville & Norristown, PA

When you want to hire quality, chimney help in Montgomery County, PA, contact us. We work in Jenkintown and Lansdale, PA and all around the Montgomery County, PA area. We know chimneys and fireplaces and how to get them inspected, cleaned, and repaired well.


Your Trusted Chimney Inspection Company

If you have a chimney in your home in North Wales or the surrounding areas, then you need to have a chimney inspection done every so often. You can have us do our services for you to get your chimney in good shape. We do chimney repairs, chimney cleaning, and all that needs to be done to keep it working well.

Get Your Chimney Inspection Done by The Best

You want to know that the chimney inspection is done thoroughly so that nothing will be missed when it is done. If you are concerned that the chimney liners may need repair, then you can have us do your chimney inspection to check them out. We will also see how dirty it is and work as your chimney cleaners if that needs to be done. You can count on us for all of the best services in North Wales and the surrounding areas.


We Know How to Clean Your Fireplace

If you are concerned that the chimney cleaning isn't the only thing that needs to be done, but that the fireplace is a mess, too, then hire us. We will be your fireplace cleaners in North Wales and the surrounding areas. We know how to do all kinds of chimney services in Delaware County and more, and you will feel good when we work as your fireplace cleaners because of how thoroughly we will do the job.


We Can Work on Your Stucco, Too

When you need a stucco contractor in North Wales and the surrounding areas, you can ask us to do things. We are the best stucco contractors in Philadelphia and that area, and you will feel good about how the stucco will turn out when we work on it. We know how to repair it and more, and when you need a stucco contractor who knows how to do chimney masonry repair and all kinds of stucco work, you need to ask for our help.

Choose the Chimney Sweep Who Cares About the Work

Your house means a lot to you, and when you want to get great care for your chimney cleaning or chimney repairs in North Wales and the surrounding areas, you can ask for our help. We care about all of the work that we do as your chimney sweep with chimney liners and more, including the stucco repair in Chester County that we do. We will work hard as your stucco contractors, your chimney sweep, or in any position that you need help from us.

Hire Us to Get the Work Done Quickly

When we are your stucco contractor, we will get the stucco repair done quickly. We will work hard to figure out what is going on with your chimney liners when working as your chimney sweep, too. We do great work in North Wales and the surrounding areas, and you can hire us when you want to get the work done quickly.

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