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Understanding the Protective Components of Your Chimney

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A warm fireplace on a cold day is comforting. Nevertheless, you need to be mindful of your chimney. Your chimney has many complex parts. It needs maintenance services every year. The chimney has interior and exterior parts.

Chimney Cap

A chimney cap will protect your chimney from debris, rain, and snow. It will also stop animals from getting into your chimney. It is a hat that covers the opening, and it usually has wires around it. Rain caps were uncommon on masonry chimneys in the past. However, they are now a necessity. Without chimney caps, chimneys will deteriorate at a rapid rate. A cap will increase your chimney's longevity. Exposure to the outdoor elements and exhaust gases causes deterioration. You may not notice the damage. Our technicians will notice the deterioration when your chimney is inspected. We can explain the different types of caps for chimneys, and we can let you know which cap is best for your chimney.

Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns are not found on prefabricated chimneys. The crown covers the majority of the opening, and the cap covers the rest of the opening. The crown should not be confused with the cap. Smoke comes out of the cap. The crown is the main barrier on the exterior of your chimney. It has a slight slope to prevent snow and rain from accumulating on the top of your chimney.

The Flue

Smoke from your fireplace travels up and out the flue of your chimney. The flue should be inspected every year. It can be a fire hazard if it has an excessive amount of soot.

Smoke Chamber

Smoke from your fireplace enters the smoke chamber before it enters the flue. The smoke chamber has sloped walls. The incline creates an easier path for the smoke to leave the flue. The smoke chamber can also have a buildup of soot and creosote. The smoke chamber should be inspected once per year.

Fireplace Cleaning in Bucks County, PA

Your chimney has many more interior and exterior components. We want to help you make sure that your fireplace is efficient and safe. Our team can help you identify a small problem before it becomes a big issue.

Call us today to schedule your annual chimney inspection or fireplace cleaning in Bucks County, PA. We are committed to helping you understand your fireplace. We are always ready to handle chimney repairs.

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