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Learn About Things That Have Happened To Your Chimney

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Your chimney is an important part of your home. Many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of taking this part of their house for granted. It is not something to forget about because you think it is a worry-free addition to your home. Any repairs or issues with a chimney needs to be addressed right away to reduce fire risks. If you notice any of the signs below, consider getting chimney cleaning in Chester County, Pa, or repairs as soon as possible.

1. Rust

One of the first changes to keep an eye out for in your chimney is rust forming. There should be no rust on your damper or firebox. If you find any, it may be evidence of too much moisture getting into your chimney. If there is enough moisture to get into your chimney to cause rust, there may be other damage, such as cracked tiles. Quickly call for chimney repair in Doylestown, PA from a reputable company.

2. White Staining

If you notice white discoloration in your chimney, this is referred to as efflorescence. Even though it may be simple to remove the staining yourself, it does not solve the issue that is causing it. If not dealt with soon, your chimney may deteriorate prematurely. This could lead to other problems and increase the risk of a fire.

3. Shaling

Another sign your chimney might need to be looked at by a professional is when you see small pieces of chimney tile collecting at the bottom of the fireplace. This may show the chimney flue is damaged. This needs to be checked out right away because it is essential for operating your fireplace safely. An annual inspection of your chimney will include analyzing your chimney flue lining and any other areas with problems that may be currently undetected.

4. Mortar Joints Deteriorating

Mortar joints are found between chimney masonry stones. Damage to these areas needs to be repaired quickly because they expose your chimney to moisture. As stated earlier, moisture can speed up how quickly your chimney deteriorates and increases the risk of fire hazards. When the weather turns freezing, too much moisture can cause the inside of your mortar joints to freeze. This can lead to your entire chimney collapsing.

5. Spalling

Another issue to keep watch for is spalling. This problem happens to the outside of your chimney and is when you see pieces of it laying on your roof or the ground around your home. When moisture eats at the outside of the chimney's masonry, it can cause parts of the surface to peel or flake off.

6. Damaged Wallpaper

Another sign your chimney needs repairs is if wallpaper near your chimney peels off. This is usually a result of too much moisture in your chimney and could mean the chimney flue needs fixing.

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