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Keep Your Chimney Safe And Functional With The Chimspectors Team

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Keeping Your Chimney Safe

Having a chimney in the home is a wonderful investment. Not only does it let you keep your family warm even if the electricity goes out, but it also adds aesthetic value to the home. However, just like any appliance, fireplaces and chimneys need regular maintenance to stay safe. At Chimspector, we can offer chimney inspections in Bucks County, PA and cleaning services to keep your family safe. Here are a few other methods you should adopt to keep it functional and safe to use.

1. Cleaning

The most important form of maintenance that you can have performed on your chimney is to have it cleaned. As you use a fireplace, soot travels up the chimney. It collects over time. Without it being cleaned for some time, the soot can create a hazard. Smoke may become trapped in your home. CO2 poisoning is deadly. You may not even realize how bad the smoke is until it's too late. It can also cause fires to spread.

2. Cap Your Chimney

Another action that you should take with your chimney is to cap it. Using a wire mesh can allow smoke to escape out of the chimney but also keep birds and critters from skittering down it. One big problem that chimney owners run into is a critter that decides to make the chimney their home.

Squirrels and other small animals may enjoy the toasty nature of the chimney. It also keeps them safe from predators and the weather. Unfortunately, if they start to build a nest in your chimney, then you could have a serious problem. The blockage could result in smoke being trapped inside of the chimney. The nest might also catch on fire which can then spread to the rest of the home. Capping your chimney is a great way to avoid all of that.

3. Burn Less Wood

While you may love the idea of having a large fire, you'll want to reduce the amount you actually want to burn. The more logs that you burn, the more likely you can make your chimney crack. This can be a serious issue that may end up costing you later. Burning more wood also increases the build-up of creosote. Instead, just burn a few logs at a time. You'll also want to place them on a grate near the back of the fireplace.

Have Your Chimney Inspected Today

Are you aware of the health of your chimney? If not, then it may be time to call us for inspection. Our crew can inspect your chimney, clean it, and repair it as is necessary. You shouldn't have to worry every time you light a fire. Call us today for more information.

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