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From Animal Remove to Fireplace Repair, Warrington Chimney Has You Covered

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Every time you use the fireplace, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Cleaning the fireplace is not enough because you could also need repairs and maintenance work. Every homeowner has a different situation with the fireplace and chimney. Contacting Warrington Chimney is the best solution to any problem you have, whether it's removing a pest from the chimney or repairing the fireplace.

Chimney and Fireplace Repair

A chimney and fireplace are only used for a few months for the entire year. But that is enough to cause irreversible damages that need immediate repairs. If not, there are increased risks of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Since much of the chimney and fireplace remain unseen, most homeowners don't know about the structural damages until it's too late.

Chimney Inspection

Our chimney inspectors can find, identify and resolve problems with your chimney before the damage worsens. It's recommended that you schedule an inspection in early Spring right after winter ends. An annual inspection is recommended every time you use the fireplace, even if it's only for a month. A chimney inspection in Delaware County, PA and other serviced areas is needed to identify the early signs of damage that lead to a repair.

Chimney Sweep

Every time a chimney is used, smoke and particles are released while the wood burns. During the process, soot and creosote are deposited in the chimney, creating a buildup of unwanted substances. Over time, the chimney becomes partially or blocked and more difficult to use. Our chimney sweep in Southampton, PA provides chimney sweeps to clear the blockage and allow the smoke from your fire to escape.

Pest Removal

In the rare circumstance when an animal gets stuck in your chimney, whether in the entry or flue, we are here to provide pest removal services. This problem can occur at any season when animals are looking for food and shelter. The types of pests that are often trapped are birds, squirrels, possums, and rodents. Our Warrington providers deal with pests humanely and release them back into the wild to protect both the animal and your home.

The smooth operation of any fireplace depends on its chimney. The smooth running of your chimney depends on the homeowner's persistent actions to have it repaired and maintained. At Warrington Chimney, we provide a wide range of services to get your fireplace and chimney back in good condition before the next winter.

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