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Chimney Care Guide for All Seasons

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The weather is getting warmer in Pennsylvania. Chimney maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind. Your fireplace keeps your home cozy in the winter. You want a cool house in the summer. Nevertheless, the warmer seasons are the best time for chimney maintenance. We will inspect your chimney promptly. When you let us take care of the maintenance in the spring, your fireplace will be ready in the fall.

Chimney Services in Montgomery County, PA

Chimney fires can happen when the structure is not inspected on an annual basis. An excessive amount of creosote in the chimney can cause a fire. The substance is extremely flammable. Without an inspection, you might not be aware of the damage inside the chimney. You might hear strange sounds coming from your chimney. However, many people do not notice any changes before the fire.

Obstructions and Carbon Monoxide

Obstructions in your chimney can also cause fires. Your chimney might have a nest or leaves in the structure. Dangerous gases can also linger in your chimney. Carbon monoxide cannot be detected without a specific device. The gas is odorless, and it can be fatal to humans and pets. Also, rodents can enter your home through your chimney. Our specialists can look for carbon monoxide leaks, fire hazards, and rodent infestations. We can inspect your chimney more thoroughly when the weather is warm.

Spring and Summer Chimney Maintenance

Your chimney should be swept before the cold weather comes back to Pennsylvania. Moisture can get trapped inside your chimney. The freezing and thawing throughout the winter will lead to large cracks and holes. If the damage is not repaired, your chimney can collapse in the winter.

Our team can offer you waterproofing services. The barrier will prevent water from penetrating the structure of the chimney. We recommend handling chimney repairs in conjunction with other spring maintenance tasks. Our professionals can handle emergencies in the winter.

To increase the longevity of your chimney, contact our office today for chimney services in Montgomery County, PA. We want to help you avoid the cold weather rush for chimney repair services. We are committed to providing our community with quick and timely repair services.

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