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5 Essential Tips For Chimney Safety

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

chimney inspection in Delaware County, PA

During the winter, your family depends on fireplaces and heating appliances to keep their bodies warm. The safety of your loved ones and house is the most crucial thing that you need to consider when everyone is enjoying the fireplace. Thousands of cases of injuries and damages caused by poorly maintained chimneys and fireplaces get recorded every year. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your chimney and fireplaces are well-maintained to enhance efficiency. A chimney is a vital ventilation system that allows toxic fumes and smoke to escape the house. You should make sure that this special part of your home is always organized and clean to keep everyone safe. Here are five crucial chimney safety tips from one of the top chimney service providers in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas that homeowners should observe. 1. Get Your Chimney Inspected Regularly

With each burning fire, there is a certain amount of residue from soot and creosote that sticks to the inside of your chimney. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced chimney inspection and maintenance technician to check its condition regularly. The professional should remove the residue to allow the free flow of smoke and other toxic gases from the fireplace. We are happy to provide chimney inspection in Delaware County, PA, and other local areas.

2. Install a Chimney Cap

Nothing should distract the efficient flow of smoke and gasses in your chimney. As a homeowner, you should install a high-quality chimney cap to keep it safe from various things, including debris, birds, rain, leaves, tree branches, and squirrels. A stainless-steel chimney cap is the best one to install because it will last for many years without wearing and tearing. 3. Use the Appropriate Fuel

You should always choose the right fuel for your fireplace. For instance, you should split wood into small pieces, cover it to dry for a minimum of six months, and keep it in an elevated place. It is the right fuel for your fireplace because it will burn efficiently without the emission of toxic substances that can damage your chimney. It is not advisable to burn treated wood in your fireplace. 4. Do not Leave Your Fire Unattended

You should always treat your fireplace like a baby. For instance, no matter how small your fire is, you should not leave it in the fireplace unattended. When going to sleep, you should extinguish it to prevent fire breakouts that can damage your chimney and house at large. Additionally, you should keep a close eye on your pets and children around the fireplace. 5. Keep it Clear and Clean

Both the outside and inside of your chimney should be clear and clean. You should keep combustible furnishings and other unnecessary things away from the fireplace. Additionally, you should keep trees and other obstructions some feet away from the top of your chimney. This allows the smooth flow of smoke and gasses and prevents damages that are likely to be caused by broken branches. In conclusion, you should always choose knowledgeable chimney inspection specialists. At Warrington Chimney & Fireplace, we have qualified and experienced professionals who provide quality inspections, restorations, cleaning, and repair of chimneys. Our chimney inspection and restoration services exceed expectations. Call us today for high-quality services and favorable terms and conditions.

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